Why Are Women the Fastest-Growing Demographic for CBD Products?

Why Are Women the Fastest-Growing Demographic for CBD Products?

Earlier this year, HelloMD partnered with the Brightfield Group to conduct a landmark study of CBD products and the market. The report, “Understanding Cannabidiol,” was released in July, and revealed some very interesting statistics. One of those was that women are the fastest-growing demographic for CBD products, accounting for 58 percent of “CBD-only” products and 55 percent of all CBD products. Why are women so drawn to CBD products? It could be a variety of reasons.

CBD Treats a Variety of Ailments

You’ve probably heard that CBD can reduce and even eliminate seizures in epileptic patients, but CBD products can also help many other medical conditions. In addition to relieving symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), CBD alleviates anxiety, reduces pain and decreases depression. Of the people surveyed, the following uses of CBD were predominant:

  • 54 percent use CBD to reduce joint pain and inflammation
  • 35 percent treat migraines with CBD
  • 32 percent use it to treat chronic pain throughout the body
  • 28 percent reduce arthritis symptoms with CBD
  • 26 percent of marijuana-derived CBD-only users and 31 percent of hemp-derived CBD users use CBD for nausea

The Centers for Disease Control reports that 26 percent of women suffer from some form of arthritis or inflammatory disease, such as fibromyalgia. Women are also twice as likely as men to suffer from migraines. Considering that women are more prone to these conditions, it’s no surprise that they are seeking relief with CBD products.

CBD Comes in Many Forms

Women may also find comfort in the multiple forms of CBD administration. Fluctuating hormone levels mean that women perceive pain differently than men do. If you’re a woman, you may have also noticed that you have different reactions to medications than your male counterparts. You might need higher doses of pharmaceutical medications or may have more difficulty absorbing oral medications. Another concern may be increased sensitivity to some medications.

CBD products help counteract these issues for women through multiple administration methods. If you have a difficult time with oral meds, CBD creams and oils let you bypass the digestive process altogether by applying the product directly to the area where you need it. If you have the opposite problem and can’t tolerate putting something on your skin, tinctures and edibles allow you to take CBD internally. And vaping, the most preferred method of consumption according to the survey, bypasses both internal and external sensitivities while still giving you maximum absorption.

Women aren’t the only ones using CBD products, but more women are taking advantage of them every day. If you’re ready to see what CBD can do for you, browse the full line of products at Citizen CBD today.


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