Vaping Versus Topical: What Is Best?

With the legalization of medical marijuana in several U.S. states, new interest has been sparked in Cannabidiol or CBD oil products. The CBD market is expected to grow by 700 percent in 2016 to $2.1 billion by 2020. It’s understandable, too. CBD’s non-euphoric or low-euphoric effect frequently makes it a preferred choice for medicinal use. It’s also one of the most active molecules in cannabis, only second to the euphoric tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. There are different properties associated with vaping CBD oil versus using a topical application, and each method offers different effects. Here’s what you need to know:

Vaping CBD involves Inhalation Versus Direct Contact Using a Topical Application

Consuming CBD via vaping requires inhaling the oil via a vape pen. The benefit is that it provides a vape rather than smoke. Vaping can lower potential health risks, as research indicates vaping is less harmful than smoking thanks to the mainly releasing the CBD oil as opposed to creating carcinogens, such as tar, from smoking. This essential oil release is possible because the vaporizer only heats the oil without burning it. However, vaping may require a learning curve, such as how to refill cartridges.

You can apply CBD oil topically in several ways, including as an ointment, lotion or a balm. This CBD oil infusion can then be directly applied to your skin. However, the effect is concentrated only on the area applied.

Vaping CBD Versus Applying It Topically Offers Different Effects

Using a topical application can be effective for some individuals for pain relief and for alleviating certain skin conditions, infections and inflammation. The benefit of applying CBD oil topically is that it prevents the intoxicating effects that you can experience with vaping CBD oil for long periods of time. Its effect is also tamer than that of vaping.

The Time It Takes for Each Method to Work Differs, Too

If you want to experience the immediate effects of CBD oil, then vaporizing offers a faster way to experience it than applying it topically. This can take seconds. However, keep in mind that because of its immediate effects, it’s also easier to become inebriated, too.

The Takeaway

The best way to apply CBD oil boils down to your preference and needs. When you’re deciding if you should vape CBD oil or apply it topically, consider how fast of an effect you need to get. Also, consider how far you need the effect to spread throughout your body. Read the labels of the CBD oil product you plan to use to determine its quality and effectiveness for your preferred method of CBD oil application.


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