Improve Your Fitness and Blast Through Plateaus with CBD

Improve Your Fitness and Blast Through Plateaus with CBD

Sore or inflamed muscles can keep you off the court or track, and even a minor injury can play havoc with your workout schedule. Discover what many pro athletes have found: a natural remedy that helps reduce inflammation and shortens recovery time. It’s called CBD.

Where Does CBD Come From?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and it comes from exactly where it sounds like. Cannabis. This isn’t the get-high chemical that comes from the marijuana plant, though (that would be THC).

There are actually more than 80 types of active chemicals in the marijuana plant, and even the National Institutes of Health has noted that CBD may reduce pain and inflammation. According to an NIH presentation to the Senate Drug Caucus, preliminary studies even indicate CBD may be helpful in the future in treating issues such as anxiety, cancer, and substance abuse.

Who Is Using CBD?

Athletes of all types have already discovered the helpful properties of CBD. From hobbyists and fitness enthusiasts to retired NFL players, active individuals are turning to this natural chemical. Who takes CBD? Jake Plummer, former Broncos quarterback, and many other retired NFL players do.

Current pro sports league rules, including those for both the NFL and NBA, prohibit the use of marijuana, even for medicinal purposes. That makes it difficult for current pro athletes to tout the use of CBD or cannabis to treat pain, inflammation or other issues, but news reports constantly indicate that athletes turn to what works repeatedly anyway. Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors, is even quoted as saying “pot is better for your body than Vicodin,” and athletes are legally prescribed and taking prescription pain meds all the time.

How Do You Take CBD?

But CBD isn’t pot. It’s a cannabis-derived oil that can be taken via vaping or as a tincture in your drink.

CBD sold by Citizen CBD is sourced from high-quality processes, and each product has some of the highest ratios of trace cannabinoids on the market, helping you get back to active status faster.

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