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At Citizen CBD we offer nothing but the highest quality products. From CBD capsules, tinctures, and vape juice, to CBD-infused topicals, we offer a wide array of turnkey…..If you’re a CBD buyer, client, or looking to……this is the page to get started. To begin, we would like to share a bit about our products ad what you are receiving from Citizen CBD. 

Citizen Products Are Scalable & Legal

Many (in fact, most) CBD vendors in the USA are either sourcing or processing their material in illegal ways. That not only puts them at risk from the government, but it places your own business at risk through a supply chain disruption. Citizen CBD is different. We carefully monitor local and federal laws to ensure every step of our supply chain – from farm to delivery – is 100% legal. We only use foreign-imported hemp from the highest quality European sources. The end result is that you can sleep easier at night and know that your supply chain can keep up with your business’s growth. The ever-changing legal landscapes and sourcing practices can be confusing for anyone to navigate. That’s where we come in.We ensure that your supply chain is always secure, and we remain vigilant with studying and producing hemp oil in line with the legalities. Finally, you can feel secure in the quality of your orders, and confident in your purchase. 


The source material that Citizen CBD products are made from is farmed and processed at facilities that have been certified cGMP, HAACP, USDA Naturally Organic Program, Kosher, Halal, and ISO 9001. Each of these certifications carries its own weight and meaning – and when taken together, you can rest assured that every product you purchase through Citizen CBD is the best available. 

Citizen Products Are Superior

We take pride in the quality of our products, from the source to the processing to the delivery. When you engage with a customer you can be certain that Citizen has taken great care to ensure you are providing your people with the best.  Our dedication to high-quality products positions us as a premium supplier of CBD products for consumers of all types. Through our blog and research articles, we ensure that our customers stay updated with the latest in CBD oil news.

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Citizen Products Are Mission-Driven

We believe in empowering our country’s veterans through high-quality therapeutic care after returning home. Every purchase of a Citizen product pushes forward that mission and helps our heroes build a thriving life after serving their country. We’re excited to work with partners and customers who care just as deeply as we do about this mission. The growth of our company and our customers’ businesses also means the growth of our vision for a better world for those who have sacrificed for our country. We also give you access to the latest and most innovative CBD products on the market.

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